Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adlandpro: another great social platform

Adlandpro is that site.

This free classified site came into light in 1998. Here you will get lots of opportunities.

Post free classified ads: You can post your various ads in this sites and get visitors according to your desire, from which country you wants. All are totally free.

Get your job:  Here you can browse countless ads of various category and choose a suitable one for you.

Advertise your stuff: You can advertise anything via available option like traffic exchange, community advertising, banner/text advertising etc

Earn real money: You can also earn money from this site being affiliate. They have paid keyword program. You can display banner of advertiser in your blog or site and get paid from every click from the visitors to your blog. Minimum payout is 35$ via paypal.

Be social: Here is a great community with some great and good persons. You will come to know a lot of friends by the community, its forum and groups. For every activities you will get credit which can be redeemed at the end of the month for getting advertising materials and some physical gift like Ipad or tablet pc or camcorder !!

Invite friend or ad poster and get paid: For every person whom you will invite in this site you will get 0.30$ and for every ad is posted in that site using your referral links will give the same amount.

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Ken Wolff said...

Great program Hafiz! Your presents there makes it even better. I have often said that if you want to be successful do what successful people do. I think people would be wise to get to know you and in the process learn some great things to do.