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Accepting Payments- Credit Cards, Bank transfers, Checks - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 20

Accepting Payments - Credit Cards, Bank transfer, Checks
Online Payments
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For the sake of this course, we’ll assume that you will only utilize one form of payment, Paypal.  

PayPal is the leading third party processor utilized by millions of people. It allows you to send payments by email and allows you to accept credit card and bank payments as well. The great thing about PayPal is that you don’t need a merchant’s account to get started. In addition, it doesn’t cost you to sign up. It is free. You will however pay a transaction free for every credit card transaction that you receive. 

Signup for PayPal account  

PayPal logo

Start here for free.

After you’ve accessed the link and set up your account, you’ll have to decide whether to apply for a Personal Account or Business Account. A business Account allows you to receive payments in your business name and a Personal Account is to be utilized personally. Most business owners choose the business account and I highly recommend that you do so also.  

When you set up your account, you’ll be asked to provide a valid credit card or bank account number. PayPal will make two small transactions to it and you’ll have to log in and input the amount of these transactions onto PayPal system. Once you do this, your account is thought to be “verified.”  

After you get your account set up, you’ll then create Buy Now Buttons. Don’t fret. PayPal makes it very easy for you and providers users with a two page setup wizard where you answer several questions including your product name, price of item, type of currency you wish to utilize, etc and then they create a customized button just for you.  

PayPal then offers you html code and you can place this code into your website.  
The really great thing is that you don’t need to know html or any programming to accomplish this task. You simply need to place this code on your site.  


Obtain PayPal html for your “Buy button”.

Login into your PayPal account by accessing PayPal main site here.

Once you are inside click “Merchant Services” tab.   

Merchant Services - PayPal

Right on that page you will see options to create buttons. When you click "Buy Now Button" link, you will see form like the one below.
Choose button type. For the sake of this exercise, chose "Buy Now".
Give it a name and or item ID if you want to use it for your accounting.
Enter price and chose currency.

If you want use custom options. Play with them and click "Example" link to see preview and understand purpose of those.

Enter shipping price and or tax if applicable.

After you complete step one, PayPal gives you option to track your inventory and other advenced options like providing url to which customer will be sent when order is completed. This might be thank you page or page with product to download or further instructions.

Creating PayPal Button

You can also provide a link to which customer will be sent if they have cancelled the payment.
You could inquire on this page why the customer decided not to continue with the purchase and keep dialog going.

There are other options available on this page and the next page.
What if PayPal doesn't offer options to purchase in your currency?

Payza is similar to PayPal and might offer payment options in your country where PyaPal is yet not available.

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