Monday, August 26, 2013

A big h/t needs to go to Jim Allen  a highly respected member of Adlandpro for suggesting the idea of having this service added to the other benefits ( and there are too many to mention here)  of this social and business network and kudos (of course has to go to Bogdan Fiedur the CEO of Adlandpro) for making Jim’s wish a reality.
While exploring the Adlandpro blogging community service, I had to ask myself the question How can I make this service work for me?  The simple truth is many people just don’t believe is these kinds of services anymore mostly because of the recent Panda updates where many similar style services lost ranking and in a few cases went out of business as a result of losing mammoth traffic. Of course there is always the issue of duplication or spam style posts on a lot of these kinds of communities or directories and then there is the big question for many people -time!

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