Thursday, June 12, 2014

High Heels and fun facts about feet

Before talking about the fascinating world of high heels and other interesting facts about shoes and feet, I wanted to share this funny compilation of  high heel fails. While they are funny, I also felt for these ladies as I know how it feels to fall in high heels..boy do I ever!
When you see a woman walking down the street wearing high heeled shoes, there is little doubt that she looks striking, provocative and dare I say sexy?
While they may have all of these words alluded to the woman wearing high heels, the reality is that they are not the most comfortable nor the most safe items to wear!
I am unsure if you are experienced with the high heel, but I can tell you from sad experience that they get stuck in things when you least expect it.  I learned to never walk on grass ( especially wet grass), ice, polished floors or even cobbled streets. When I drove, I took the dang things off as they got in the way of the pedals!

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