Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What I have learned from assisting 6 successful ICOs about Tokens and their utility


In this article I would like to challenge common understanding of Utility Tokens.
I believe that this term is overrated and misleading and it is creating lots of confusion and it will harm many investors and ICOs in the future.
Being a Solidity Ethereum developer I’m frequently contacted for smart contract development.
For the last 6 months most requests for my services are in the area of crowdfunding contracts and ERC20 token contracts.
While working on the technical ends of the ICO preparation, I’m also participating in other meetings related to fundraising concepts, tuning whitepaper, finding strategic partners, building the team, working on the prototype, creating KYC requirements, building website and other business building related topics

Although most every project can benefit from using blockchain, not every project has a need for their own token.
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