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Your business ideas - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 3

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 If you had properly done assignment from previous lesson you had the chance to find out some new things about yourself of which you will take advantage from now on.

I hope that by putting the deadline on your life, you realized that money is not what matters. What we need each day in our lives is passion, recognition and satisfaction that what we have done had a purpose or helped someone. We can't enjoy what we can't share. And the more we share, the more comes back to us.

Today we will be starting a process which you were all waiting for. I want to caution you a bit, this might be not exactly the process you were imagining or were familiar with. If you had a chance to read my shocking report preceding release of my e-book "E-Business Success Blueprint", you saw some statistics and the brutal truth about the internet business. If you have not read it, check it out here

In this report I’m demonstrating what 95% of marketers, internet business owners will face this year if they don’t take proper steps. These are the steps which I started showing to you since the first lesson of this coaching session.

Today I will introduce you to practical process of defining new business or redefining your existing one so you can get better result out of it. I want you to understand that I will be showing to you how to create your own business. Not how to find and chase business opportunities on the internet and be depend on somebody else’s decisions. I want you to make the decisions so others join your opportunity. I want to help you to develop yourself as a business owner and make others want to work with you.

You have a better chance of making money on the internet following my steps, than by listening to the noisy crowd and jumping on any opportunity out there which makes a promise of earning an easy couple of bucks. This will be a very practical exercise and unlike the ones to this moment, it will require from you full participation and very close following to obtain maximum results.

As everything else in life, it will be up to you to take full advantage of it and maximize your business accomplishments this year. In previous assignment I asked you to determine what your passion is and what you would be doing even if you were not paid for. The reason for this assignment was to help you understand what matters in your life. If there is something you would be doing without being paid, this means that you would be even happier doing it being paid for it.

Why not then find a niche for yourself in that area and develop a business around it. In order to find, develop and grow your niche we will be using 5 step processes.

1. Find a group of people to become your targeted audience.
2. Get to know your targeted audience by asking them what they need.
3. Develop/Find solutions that they need.
4. Develop and implement an effective sales process.
5. Create and administer support and a customer friendly follow up system that encourages clients to purchase additional products.

In the above 5 steps you will find the entire principle of doing business. Not just an internet business, any business. As you see the first point is not about creating the product. Actually developing/finding a product comes later in the process in step 3. You might ask why it’s not the first step. The reason for this is that you don’t want to develop a solution only to later find out that nobody wants it. You will spend time and money on creating your solution and when the time comes, you will be out of resources to promote it and sustain your life.

The other possibility is that there are millions of products like yours and competition is fierce. Let’s now go back to our passion and how we can use it to tackle first point of our task.

1. Find a group of people to become your targeted audience.

How do you find a group of people which will be your targeted audience? This might sound very difficult, but it is not if you follow my steps.

Now I want you to write 25 business ideas based on following questions. ·

  • What do you like doing? · 
  • What are your hobbies? · 
  • What do you do well? · 
  • What classes did you enjoy most in school? · 
  • What previous work experiences taught you the most? · 
  • What contacts have you developed from your current work? · 
  • Who are your business associates?

Then you’ll need to make a list of your friends and relatives and determine what positive attributes they display, what they do well, what products and services they would be interested in.

Next, you’ll need to list any famous people that you admire. Take some time to read their autobiographies and learn what it is about them that made them successful. How did they accomplish their goals? What can you learn from their experiences, etc? Here are some ideas to further stimulate the flow of creative energy.

  • Read magazines and cut out articles that interest you. 
  • Think about times where you were young and how you visualized your life. Is it the same or different from your current life? 
While you’re putting together your lists, stay focused and on task. The key is to stimulate creative energy; Energy that will allow you to enjoy and savor the creation of a successful business model. Once you’ve finished your assigned task, reevaluate your list and shortlist those things that seem the most appealing to you. See if you can visualize any past secret wishes or desires. See what motivates you. See what inspires you. Have fun and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry if some of your ideas might seem unrealistic. Those which are most unrealistic will probably have biggest chances to bring your most joy and income at the same time.

Make sure that you have 25 different ideas written down. Check out these two sites to see how small insignificant ideas can become large businesses.

These two sites evolve around small interest groups but are producing incomes, which CEOs of high profile companies would be proud of. These companies started as one man operations but are the only ones in the respective areas. To complete this assignment you will be required to identify 10 of your best ideas. When I'm talking about ideas, I don't mean tasks required to learn something. E.g. I will be studying html. This is not a business idea. This is an improvement of your skills. Any of the business ideas which you come up with, if implemented should offer some solutions to people's lives and should be capable of producing income for you.

Next lesson...

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