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Determine demand for your solution - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 5

Adlandpro Alexa comparison graph

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This workshop's purpose is to help you "brainstorm" business ideas, determine if there is a demand for it, find out who your competition is and how strong they are. Then you'll test if your findings are correct. Then find free and cheap advertising sources for your idea. The next step as you would expect is to sell your idea, but this is not what happens in life. You can't sell your solution to people who have never heard of it. Actually, the next step is to develop a relationship with your potential customers.

Once this is accomplished, you sell it to them. Then you learn how to follow-up and sell more of your products to the same group of people. This is in nutshell short summary of what awaits you further into the workshop.

I'm sure that some of you might be aware of past developments in auto surf industry. I hope you can see where these kinds of things ended up. Most people blamed StormPay. In the first place they should blame themselves. They got involved in a program which doesn't offer any value to anyone. It is a scheme known for years whose purpose is to take advantage of statistics and set rules at such a level so the owner of the scheme has enough time to build up confidence in the "investors". At some point the influx of new members will stop and no new income will be generated. The company shuts down making sure that large portion of money is secured in the offshore banks before that.

This small digression was meant here to demonstrate that without real value to the consumer, any company will eventually fold down. Your goal is to develop business which can provide value to the customer. Once the value is noticed, you can't stop growing as the customer will ask for more.
In last lesson I asked for 20 keywords for one of your business ideas;
The one which you feel most passionate about.

Today, you will use these keywords to determine if there is demand for your solution. If you are already in some kind of business and this solution is already under development, just forget for the moment about it. Approach it like this would be your first time thinking about it and you are doing your analysis just to find out if what you want to do has any chances for success.

Access this link

This link is Google (Adwords) suggestion tool. It shows you how many searches were conducted last month for specific keyword and its other combinations.

Now type first of your keywords and press search button.  e.g. if you type "piano lessons" you will see results for your keyword. In addition you will receive all other possible combinations of your keyword with words which were used to do the searches with the search term "piano lessons" like e.g. "free piano lessons"

e.g. for "piano lessons" there were 450,000 global monthly searches conducted last month and 33,100 local monthly searches as of this writing.  There is also info saying that competition is medium.  The number next to the keyword will tell you how popular is the search term. In short what is the demand for this service.

Google keyword suggestion tool
Google keyword suggestion tool

Let's analyze some other combinations.

The term "home  piano lessons" has been searched globally 2,900 times and locally 260 and it says that competition is high. If you were interested in only offering home piano lessons, your entire market would be 2,900 people probably scattered over all of North America and/or English speaking countries. Whereas term "online piano lessons" was searched for 22,000 globally and 1,300 locally last month and competition is medium. Not only that there were many more searches for this term, but offering online piano lessons is doable no matter where you live, which means that all 22,000 people are your possible customers. You know from this that offering online course to teach piano lessons has a larger potential market as opposed to looking for local clients wanting to see them at home.

Spend some time today evaluating your keywords against this tool. Find your best choices. Remember that some terms might be very generic. E.g. word "Truck" was searched 37,200,000 times last month. The problem with this is that word "Truck" might have several meanings and also in itself has very broad idea. If your business was around trucks, focusing on "truck accessory" would be much more target able

Evaluate your other business ideas using the same approach. Come up with the keywords and test it.

Find 20 keywords describing your business which have most demand according to Google suggestion tool.
In next lesson I will show you how you will determine your competition.

Next lesson...

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(Social Media) List Building

(Social Media) List Building Check List
(Social Media) List building  is not just for making money, but can also be used within the social media realm to help filter the noise that can bombard you.   Creating  your lists are a great way to keep us organized when we are on the different social networks and what a great way to create and share good content from those people who have interesting stories to tell us.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AdlandPro Website Success Course – 5 – Website promotion Part 1

River Indus in the area of Karakorum, Pakistan- Sprig time

Before spending time and money on promotion, it’s worth going through a short checklist to make sure you’re ready to promote the products and services you have selected  or developed:
Is Your Website Ready for

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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Primer on Landing Pages

A Primer on Landing Pages
A Primer on Landing Pages

I read a great post by Mike Allton regarding Landing pages which he describes as
A landing page is any page of your website that is specifically designed to communicate to a specific audience regarding a specific product or service, typically targeting a specific keyword phrase that you want to rank well on. One of the first misconceptions about websites that trip up a lot of business owners is that not everyone who visits your website goes through the Home page. Thanks to search engines and direct links on social networks or ads, people can go to specific pages of your site. A landing page is therefore designed to take advantage of that fact, and it is expected that someone who gets to a landing page went there directly, and never saw your home page. That new visitor is said to have landed on your site through this page.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

AdlandPro Friday Review – March 22

The wonderful thing about doing the Adlandpro Friday review is…………….

it gives me as well as you a chance to take perspective on what is going on in the world and of course AdlandPro.
Last week the biggest news was the election of a new pope as well as the fact that Google Reader is going to shut down and these are still hot topics as the Pope is letting the world know that he is indeed a Pope for the people with his mandate to be there for the poor as well as a keen interest in the environment. As for Google Reader, maybe not a much a hot topic and it would seem not everyone is unhappy with it being retired as seen by Frederic Lardinois who uses the words.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Determine search keywords for your solution - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 4

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Keywords search

I know that this task can be quite challenging particularly if you had not done it before. You need to get on the higher level of thinking if you want to be independent and enjoy what you are doing. You must become a solution provider. Not a reseller or broker. You are the one who is the driving force and the one who comes up with the ideas. Money will come once you create some value for other people.

According to research, average person uses around 1% of their abilities. If you increase utilization of your abilities by just 1%, statistically you will be as twice as efficient as the other person next to you.

The best example for this is that out of 160 people on this list, only 25 gave me their 15 ideas in exchange for 20,000 impression credits value of $90. These are clearly the people who are utilizing more than 1% of their abilities.
If you have not created at least 15 ideas, or if you have not at least one business idea in your head right now, you won't be able to continue with this workshop. Any step from this point on, will depend on your effort you have made so far.

Your Assignment

You can still try to catch up but as everything in life, it will be up to you to manage it on your own. It is entirely up to you if you take advantage of it.

For those who created their ideas, now is the time for the next step.

I would like you to pick 1 idea out of your 15 for the next step. Choose the one which you are most passionate about. We will work now towards determining whether the idea you have, has any demand and how much competition you already have.
Write down now about 20-30 different keywords which can be used to describe your idea.
Keywords are words or phrases which one might use to search the internet to find solution you might be offering.

e.g. If you would be offering "piano lessons", one could use following keywords to search,.

  • piano lessons
  •  online piano lessons
  •  music lessons
  • free piano lessons
  • beginner lesson piano
  • jazz lesson piano
  • book lesson piano
  • adult lesson piano
  • child lesson piano
  • beginner free lesson piano
  • group lesson piano

This exercise will help you to understand how people might be looking for your solution. Try to get in the head of that person who needs your solution and what keywords would they use to find you on the internet.

You can repeat keywords finding process for your other business ideas you have.
As you will find out later, the business idea which you have selected as a primary, might turn out to have very little demand or competition might be too strong. You want a product or service which has relatively good demand but little competition.
Remember come up with at least 20 different keywords.

Next lesson..

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This #AdlandPro Wednesday social marketing tip…

AdlandPro Wednesday social marketing tip…

comes after I watched a video last evening from a person complaining about people being taught how to do social marketing in all the wrong ways and it goes back to how many ways can you spam a person, place or community.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

#AdlandPro Notice regarding the FTC Update

FTC seal

FTC Seal

This AdlandPro notice regarding the FTC update…

has been created to help all of you who are an affiliate of AdlandPro, who are bloggers and/or using social media to promote AdlandPro (or any other program you are in) to understand the FTC guidelines of how to promote and advertise ethically and legally. Continue reading...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stay healthy while working online

To stay healthy while working online is turning out to be a major challenge for many people, considering that we now have more ways to stay connected with social media through laptops, IPads, IPhones etc. and we need to start paying attention! When I wrote the continue reading..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

AdlandPro Website Success Course – 4 – Website Design!

Beautiful rays of sun coming through trees Photo by Bogdan Fiedur
Are you ready for Part 4 ?
This is where we will show you:
A) What design software is available.
B) The 3 most important rules for website design.
C) Other design considerations. Continue reading....

Social networking the Kris Kringle way

Some people might be wondering at the title of this post “social networking the kris Kringle way” lol and I have to admit that I had thoughts on whether  I should  use a Christmas analogy on this piece ( its not Christmas), but the more I thought about it the more it made perfect sense as that is really what it is all and sharing.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The mission of is to help people one person at a time....

Mark Nachreiner

This article has been just posted about #Adlandpro by Mark Nachreiner.
“The mission of is to help people one person at a time to become the best they can be, through positive interactions and ethical marketing.”

Your business ideas - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 3

Bogdan Fiedur holding Northern Pike

 If you had properly done assignment from previous lesson you had the chance to find out some new things about yourself of which you will take advantage from now on.

I hope that by putting the deadline on your life, you realized that money is not what matters. What we need each day in our lives is passion, recognition and satisfaction that what we have done had a purpose or helped someone. We can't enjoy what we can't share. And the more we share, the more comes back to us.

Today we will be starting a process which you were all waiting for. I want to caution you a bit, this might be not exactly the process you were imagining or were familiar with. If you had a chance to read my shocking report preceding release of my e-book "E-Business Success Blueprint", you saw some statistics and the brutal truth about the internet business. If you have not read it, check it out here

In this report I’m demonstrating what 95% of marketers, internet business owners will face this year if they don’t take proper steps. These are the steps which I started showing to you since the first lesson of this coaching session.

Today I will introduce you to practical process of defining new business or redefining your existing one so you can get better result out of it. I want you to understand that I will be showing to you how to create your own business. Not how to find and chase business opportunities on the internet and be depend on somebody else’s decisions. I want you to make the decisions so others join your opportunity. I want to help you to develop yourself as a business owner and make others want to work with you.

You have a better chance of making money on the internet following my steps, than by listening to the noisy crowd and jumping on any opportunity out there which makes a promise of earning an easy couple of bucks. This will be a very practical exercise and unlike the ones to this moment, it will require from you full participation and very close following to obtain maximum results.

As everything else in life, it will be up to you to take full advantage of it and maximize your business accomplishments this year. In previous assignment I asked you to determine what your passion is and what you would be doing even if you were not paid for. The reason for this assignment was to help you understand what matters in your life. If there is something you would be doing without being paid, this means that you would be even happier doing it being paid for it.

Why not then find a niche for yourself in that area and develop a business around it. In order to find, develop and grow your niche we will be using 5 step processes.

1. Find a group of people to become your targeted audience.
2. Get to know your targeted audience by asking them what they need.
3. Develop/Find solutions that they need.
4. Develop and implement an effective sales process.
5. Create and administer support and a customer friendly follow up system that encourages clients to purchase additional products.

In the above 5 steps you will find the entire principle of doing business. Not just an internet business, any business. As you see the first point is not about creating the product. Actually developing/finding a product comes later in the process in step 3. You might ask why it’s not the first step. The reason for this is that you don’t want to develop a solution only to later find out that nobody wants it. You will spend time and money on creating your solution and when the time comes, you will be out of resources to promote it and sustain your life.

The other possibility is that there are millions of products like yours and competition is fierce. Let’s now go back to our passion and how we can use it to tackle first point of our task.

1. Find a group of people to become your targeted audience.

How do you find a group of people which will be your targeted audience? This might sound very difficult, but it is not if you follow my steps.

Now I want you to write 25 business ideas based on following questions. ·

  • What do you like doing? · 
  • What are your hobbies? · 
  • What do you do well? · 
  • What classes did you enjoy most in school? · 
  • What previous work experiences taught you the most? · 
  • What contacts have you developed from your current work? · 
  • Who are your business associates?

Then you’ll need to make a list of your friends and relatives and determine what positive attributes they display, what they do well, what products and services they would be interested in.

Next, you’ll need to list any famous people that you admire. Take some time to read their autobiographies and learn what it is about them that made them successful. How did they accomplish their goals? What can you learn from their experiences, etc? Here are some ideas to further stimulate the flow of creative energy.

  • Read magazines and cut out articles that interest you. 
  • Think about times where you were young and how you visualized your life. Is it the same or different from your current life? 
While you’re putting together your lists, stay focused and on task. The key is to stimulate creative energy; Energy that will allow you to enjoy and savor the creation of a successful business model. Once you’ve finished your assigned task, reevaluate your list and shortlist those things that seem the most appealing to you. See if you can visualize any past secret wishes or desires. See what motivates you. See what inspires you. Have fun and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry if some of your ideas might seem unrealistic. Those which are most unrealistic will probably have biggest chances to bring your most joy and income at the same time.

Make sure that you have 25 different ideas written down. Check out these two sites to see how small insignificant ideas can become large businesses.

These two sites evolve around small interest groups but are producing incomes, which CEOs of high profile companies would be proud of. These companies started as one man operations but are the only ones in the respective areas. To complete this assignment you will be required to identify 10 of your best ideas. When I'm talking about ideas, I don't mean tasks required to learn something. E.g. I will be studying html. This is not a business idea. This is an improvement of your skills. Any of the business ideas which you come up with, if implemented should offer some solutions to people's lives and should be capable of producing income for you.

Next lesson...

Bogdan Fiedur Copyright 1998 - 2013 - All rights reserved . 

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Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is Your Target Audience?

I have noticed that whether it is social media, #AdlandPro or other places where people are marketing online, many people are having difficulty understanding their target audience and so they cast a wide net, hoping against hope they can catch that next lead or sale.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?

Tweeting after death – a new digital Legacy?
I’m tweeting but I’m dead! is a new form of creating a digital legacy that I read about    this morning that had me going huh?   An Ad agency in London is working  to create a way for people to tweet after they have died and my  first thought was this was an April fools joke ( but it cant be) or that I had entered the world of science fiction!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The #Adlandpro social is news for the marketer

The #Adlandpro social is news for the marketer

subscribe and get it into your mail box today

Banner Advertising- Is it still working?

Banner advertising is not social!  There I said it and I’m glad that I did!  Many people who are in social media tend to turn their noses up at banner advertising citing such things can’t engage with banners, they take up space, they are a waste of time, they are an eyesore, you cant trust them and yet they are still a valid way of advertising, they work and work well when and only when they are used properly. #Adlandpro

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New feature coming to Adlandpro

We are nearing the finishing line with the "Credit Builder".
Members will be able to earn now credits as follows.
One time credits
- having profile picture (one time) 50 points
- having location (one time) 50 points
- having about me (one time) 50 points
- full name entered (one time) 50 points
- interests picked (one time) 50 points
- subscribed to digest (one time) 50 points
Action credits
- logging once a day 20 points
- accepting friends 10 points
- accepting invitation to event 10 points
- following someone 10 points
- joining forum 10 points
- joining group 10 points
- getting likes 10 points
- getting referrals 10 points
- getting replies to your thread 10 points
- reading personal message 10 points

In addition each month the person who accumulated largest number of total points will receive cash prize.
Members can either redeem the points after a month or accumulate them and redeem them when they get larger number of credits at a later time.
They can redeem them 1:1 for traffic exchange credits, impression credits, direct contact credits or for an item e.g. Ipad.
Please watch for the notification about starting of this program. Probably next week.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Your passion - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 2

Refer to Part 1 here.

Next serious of exercises will concern so called "Business Creation" process. Your goal will be to determine what you want to do as your main business and to test if the business you have selected is a viable solution. You will test if there is demand for it and how much competition you have. All this will be done before you actually have your product or service ready. (If you have product or service already, you can apply the same techniques to ensure yourself that what you are doing is the right choice.) If you had the chance to read "E-Business Success Blueprint" you know that product or service creation is not the first item on the list of tasks in business development process. This here is the actual sequence.

1. Find a group of people to become your targeted audience.
2. Get to know your targeted audience by asking them what they need.
3. Develop solutions that they need.
4. Develop and implement an effective sales process.
5. Create and administer support and a customer friendly follow up system that encourages clients to purchase additional products.

Also you should spend about 80% of your time on formulating, testing, analyzing and promoting your business and only 20% on creation. The first step in deciding what type of business to own is to figure out what it is that you really love doing. By doing this, you’ll be one step closer to discovering the perfect business venture for you. If you skip this important step, you will be missing out on a wonderful growth opportunity as it truly influences how successful you’ll be in your business. Passion is the single most important thing in helping you get over the hurdles of disappointment.

As a fledging business owner, you will be required to learn new things. You’ll be forced to enhance and develop certain skills and you will uncover many obstacles along the way. This will not be easy and as such, you may even be tempted to give up. But, if you have passion, you will keep going. You will not slow down and will stay focused in developing your business and being actively involved in it. In essence, your passion will get you through the tough times and will encourage you. So now without looking what business you are already in and what you did in recent years, think of what it is really you would like to be doing even if you were not paid for.

What is the one or two things which would get you from your bed early in the morning and keep you busy till the end of the day and at the same time make you feel satisfied, focused and create sense of purpose. To help you with this assignment consider that you have only 24 months to live. Assume that there is nothing you can do to live longer than 24 months. The only things you can do is to use this 24 months to the maximum of its potential. Assume also that you have no money to travel to distant countries and you need to make a living to support yourself and your family.  Determine 2 or three things you would be doing even if you were not paid for. I hope this will be fun.

Bogdan Fiedur

Go to part 3 Copyright 1998 - 2013 - All rights reserved .

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The landing page and what it is

Why do you need well designed landing page and how you do that?

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Adland Digest issue 889 is out

You will find in it topics like

» AdlandPro Website Success Course
» E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop
» Twitter Lessons of Thou Shall Not…..
» #AdlandPro 5 years Later
» Plus whats' new at Adlandpro