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Benefits, bonuses, guarantee, order - Your sales letter- E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 18

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Here are the final steps of sales letter.

Each of these sections has to be implemented in order indicated.

Tell who you are and use “Social Proof” to establish credibility

Most people know what establishing credibility means, but what is the social proof?
Social proof is the concept which is behind our actions. It is a principle which causes us to act. These are shortcuts in our thinking, when we rely on somebody’s behavior or recommendations to make our decisions.

Testimonials are an example of social proof. When other people talk to us in a positive manner about a product or service, this influences our behavior. If we place a picture on our site of a celebrity who visited our business or even visited us just because we happened to know him or her, this will influence our visitor’s behavior and actions. If you can show how many people bought your product to date or how much money it generated for you, this will establish your credibility. All those examples are part of social proof which helps bringing visitors closer to us.

Explain to your visitor why you are doing what you are doing to gain their trust. If you truly want your visitors to identify with you, tell them why you created your solution. This will enhance their interest and demonstrate how much you value them.

It will also show why you stand behind this product or service and will demonstrate that you’re truly an expert in this specific domain.

Benefits of your product or service

Now, we’ll discuss how to use excitement to convert your visitors into customers.
By now, your visitor has read some of the testimonials, and knows who you are.
They know what is the main benefit of your product and now is the time to list all of them.

List one after another. They can be in form of questions or bulleted points. It is good idea to list them in a way so that they truly stand out. This can be done by using highlights or bolded text. This will ensure that even readers that are just scanning the pages, will be able to pick up the strong benefits. Which reminds me, when including benefits, make sure that you do not include features. For example, feature of a cordless phone is that there are no attached cables however benefits would be that cordless phones enable you to move freely with this phone throughout your house while talking.


Up until now, you have not mentioned your price. This is because you don’t want to talk about the price of your product until you create enough desire for your visitor to own it. In your closing, you want the desire to go on fire. Therefore, you shouldn’t mention price yet. Instead, you have to stress your main benefits again and then make sure that they are screaming from your pages. You also have to make sure that you present options. For example, you must include how much your product is worth and how much work you have put into it.

Be careful to list all the savings, a potential owner will have and show how much others charge for a portion of what you’re delivering. Finally, offer them a steep discount. After the discount, you can mention the price and add that the discount is limited so they have to “act now” for a “limited time only.”

To increase urgency even more, you must run a time limit based offer. For instance, you can offer the product for 7 days and then you can either bring the price up or you can offer an added bonus for purchasing the item now. Either way, be very honest about what you say and later do. So, if you say that product will be taken off the market in 7 days then make sure that it is taken off.

Add tons of bonuses and freebies

#Bonuses and #Freebies
#Bonuses and #Freebies
At this point, your customer might be having second thoughts even though they initially wanted your product badly. They might be getting afraid of getting a lemon or not really sure if they can afford the price. They like what they see but they might be panicking.

With this in mind, you must offer them something for nothing. Offering a free item really helps cinch the deal. It makes them feel better about the purchase. The key is to add something of value. If you do then you can literally skyrocket your sales. The bonus should be related to your key product. Some free things that you can offer are:

  • Free report or e-book
  •  Subscription to your newsletter
  • Access to archives of your newsletters
  • Half hour private consultation
  • Free technical support for three months
  • Classified or banner advertising on your website
Start piling on those bonuses. Add as much value as you possibly can. Sometimes you may want to include so many bonuses that their value exceeds the value of your products. If you do this, make sure that you mention the value of your bonuses. You should also indicate that your bonuses are only available for a limited time only. If you word it right, your customer may purchase your product primarily for the bonuses.

Sometimes you can approach companies which offer products which enhance or complement yours. They might be interested in offering coupons or discounts which you can throw as part of your bonuses.

Strong Guarantee

In addition to bonuses, you must also use a strong guarantee that differentiates you from your competition. A strong guarantee will alleviate the anxiety your visitor might have when buying over the internet or spending a large amount of money. The better your guarantee, the less likely someone will be inclined to ask for a refund or return the item. In my opinion, you should offer at least a one year guarantee. If you want to show them how confident you are in your product, offer them a lift time guarantee. Either way, challenge yourself to give your customers the best guarantee that they’ve ever seen.

There will be always group of customers who will ask for a refund so it is best to offer it in the beginning. Whenever you return the money, ask for the reasons why they didn’t like the product. Use this feedback to help you improve upon the product or service. If you find that the person’s expectations were unreasonable or that there was nothing wrong with the product, don’t worry about it. Move on and feel confident that you delivered great customer service.

Ask for the order

At this point, you are about to mention the price of your product and offer ways to pay for it. Restate that strongest point of your guarantee. For example, you might state, “this purchase is totally risk free and you can return it if you don’t like it within the next 60 days for a full refund.”

Make payment options easy. Include payment options like credit cards and checks.

The best third party processor to utilize is Paypal. They offer secure and safe payment options using secure servers. For those customers who are leery about inputting personal information into the computer, you should add your phone number and mailing address so that they can send you the information via phone or snail mail..


Study after study shows that P.S. is a very important component of your sales letter. A “P.S.” has a positive effect on those who are still hesitating and are already at the bottom of the page and still haven’t made a decision to purchase yet. Therefore, in your P.S., you can add an additional guarantee or bonus to overcome any objections. Give them an offer they cannot refuse. Again, add urgency to get them to utilize your product and increase effectiveness.

In order to get the best conversion rate (the number of visitors to your website compared to those who made a purchase), In next installment I will discuss several technical pieces which will make the difference in your sales copy. Knowing them will have a tremendous impact on your final outcome.

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How to Write a Good Headline

Adlandpro Headlines
Do you know how to write a good headline? Headlines are needed for just about everything we do online and yet many people have problems writing them. Here are tips that will give you an edge of the topic of writing good headlines that will have people WANTING to read what you have to say.

#writings #articles #newsletter #blog

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Make Money Online – how not to


If you don’t want to make money online, one of the best way to ensure you never do is to remain anonymous. Make sure you never put up a picture of yourself, never fill out an “About Me” page, don’t use your real name, and for goodness’ sake, make sure there’s absolutely no way to contact you! This should almost guarantee you won’t sell anything.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Free classified advertising tips – Don’t make these mistakes!


Free classified advertising does work IF you know what you are doing, but many people are making the same mistakes over and over again!


Considering Adlandpro is a free classified advertising site, I decided to take a bit of time to talk about the problems with many of the ads I am seeing being put on the the different classified sites in the hopes that you will not make these same mistakes.  After all the point to putting an ad on a free or paid classified site is to be seen and taken seriously.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Advertising Quotes – David Ogilvy

Advertising by David Ogilvy
Advertising by David Ogilvy

Sharing some great David Ogilvy  advertising quotes with a story for Thursday.  I hope it brings a smile to your face


The other evening while having supper with the family, the kids started singing. This is not an unusual happening by the way as in our home music is in the souls of these youngsters where suppers can become a musical affair and it can be quite an experience if you are not used to it.

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Headline and powerful testimonial - Your sales letter- E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 17

Adlandpro Bogdan Fiedur Newsletter Headline
Newsletter Headline
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According to study by Nielsen/NetRatings, a well-written headline can produce a 1,900% increase in your income. Therefore, the most crucial part of your sales page is the heading. This is because you only have several seconds to grab the attention of visitors to your site. A Headline should stress the biggest benefit of your product or service, possibly not found anywhere else. Your headline should create curiosity to compel one to keep reading information on your site (sales letter).

When creating your letter, always use the word “you”. This word is considered the most powerful word because it connects to the reader directly and provides a more personal tone. Some other powerful words that you should use are Guaranteed, Bargain, Proven, Revolutionary, New, Free, Easy, and How to.
Another option is to use some of these ideas (including, but not limited to):

Ways to….
Sure ways to…
Secret for…
No Fail strategies
Discovery to…
Ever hear..
Five simple ways..
How to avoid…
How to become…
How to handle…
Now revealed..
Seven terrific
The # 1 most effective
Amazing secrets..
The best kept
The crucial step…
New discovery
The proven formula…
Technique that …
Ten Commandments of…
Terrible truth…
Truth about…

What every such and such should know

In addition, your sub-headline should provide more information and strengthen your strong main headline message. As an added bonus, you can also add more descriptive information.

Powerful Testimonial

Adlandpro Bogdan Fiedur Testimonial
Powerful testimonial
Strong testimonials lend credibility and can increase your conversion by 250%. The web is an anonymous place and excellent tools for many scammers, thus having good testimonials on your site will help your visitors make the decision. Testimonials influence our behavior in remarkable ways and allow us to lower our guard. Each new testimonial takes away some of the natural objections we have towards the unknown product. They list the main benefits and well as positive experiences with other customers. If you can, add pictures and voice recordings to your testimonials.

This will further enforce confidence in your unique product or service offering.
For a testimonial to be effective, it must contain the following elements:

  • It is descriptive
  • Contains more than one or two word sentences
  • Contains solid numbers and facts
  • Talks about known benefits
  • Shows the customer’s full name, business, and url (if you have it)
  • Contains grammatical structure of the person who wrote it, even if it is incorrect.
  • Adding audio recording will build more confidence in your product.

Not sure how to get testimonials when you don’t have a functional site?

Give away a couple of products or free coupons for your future product and ask for a testimonial.

If you already have an offline business, you might ask some of your customers to provide you with testimonials. They may have never thought about giving you testimonials, but would be happy to provide it if you asked. Another option is to provide a link to their business if they give you a testimonial which will benefit them directly.

If you've established a positive relationship with customers from your mailing list, you can also announce your product and ask for a testimonial. Putting a great testimonial on your site which talks about your skills, integrity, and expertise are as great way to get new customers. In fact there are some marketers who will tell you that your sales letter could be just good testimonials.

In next lesson continuation of sales letter.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Traffic Exchanges – Do They Work Any More?

Traffic Exchanges
The big mistake that most people make with traffic exchanges, which is why so many now say they don’t work, is actually using one or two TE’s to advertise their primary business. Never do that! The second thing people do is advertise an affiliate page on traffic exchanges. That also is a big mistake. A bunch of other people are doing the same thing.
What you want to do with traffic exchanges is to raise your profile on the search engines (especially Google.) You will not do this by joining a TE and advertising your business on it. In fact, that can drive your profile down.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 5

Adlandpro Gold Membership

In Lesson 5 we will look at 2 useful tools that can help to make your marketing more efficient, professional and successful.
Online marketers agree that the most important resource that you MUST develop is a mailing list. The more targeted  your List is, the better the results it will produce for you.
AdlandPro offers 2 tools to help you build your list  and for those who are just getting started, our Mail List  Builder is designed to make it easy for you to build  a well targeted list of subscribers.
All you need to do is place html code on your website so that your visitors can subscribe to any (or all) of  the Newsletters – on topics of:
1. Marketing & Promotion
2. Internet Business Building

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Social Media Etiquette: how to connect with people

Social Media Etiquette

I realized after getting some friend “invites” on Adlandpro that were at best a sales letter and at worse a spam invite, that maybe it was time to talk about how to get friends and then keep them or maybe a better wording would be how to use good manners when connecting with people.
The fact is social networking is all about building relationships and you do that through communicating. When you send an invite that is a sales pitch..what are you saying about YOU?

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Traffic exchanges and Affiliate marketing

Traffic Exchange
I have been doing a lot of thinking about traffic exchanges and not just for affiliate marketing, but also with the advent of social media marketing and have a confession to make, until very recently, I considered traffic exchanges to be a total waste of time and they need to go the way of the dodo bird!
Don’t shoot me yet lol
My reasoning for not liking traffic exchanges came from not getting traffic or poor quality traffic, I spent hours every day surfing and while it was addictive, I never had a sign up for anything and it seemed to me that people just join them to click for the credits being offered and NO ONE was looking at the content being offered. Adding insult to injury at least for me was the sheer amount of spammy or crappy junk being shown and I shook my head and thanks!  
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your sales letter - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 16

Sales Letter
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By now, you have a website with a script that captures the email addresses of your subscribers or you just used to analyze your market.

In any instance, you have collected some contacts and determined if there is a need for your products.

Depending on how far you have decided to utilize our free website builder, you might have already a page or two.
Your first task as a marketer will be to write a sales letter.

Yes, whether you like it or not, you will become a salesperson. Therefore, it is paramount that you create a sales letter that sizzles. This is because a sales letter is your ticket to success. It helps you sell products and services even when you’re not there. So, by making it worthy, you will in essence ensure that you get those products sold whether you’re there or not. Therefore, you will learn how to make your sales letter as compelling and enticing as possible so your visitors make an on-the-spot buying decision.

In our exercise we are assuming that you will be selling one product. If you are intending to sell more than one product, your option will be to write sales letter for each specific product. The principle is the same.

Now that we understand the importance of utilizing a “killer sales letter”, we’ll now discuss marketing and how it can be divided into several segments:

  • Provide convincing way to click “buy” button on your site. (write your killer sales copy or hire a copywriter to write it for you )
  • Tell others about your site
  • Bring visitors to your site using creative methods
  • Deliver the product
  • Follow up to make sure that your customers are satisfied
  • Up sell additional products to your customers

Each sales letter will include sales oriented copy and several  "Buy Now" buttons.

Here are the main elements of your sales letter in order of their appearance:

  • Headline and sub-headline
  • Powerful testimonials
  • Include all the reasons why anyone would purchase your product or service
  • Tell who you are and use “Social Proof” to establish credibility
  • Explain to the reader why you are doing what you are doing to gain their trust
  • More testimonials
  • Additional product or service benefits
  • Closing statement
  • More testimonials
  • Bonuses and freebie.
  • Give a guarantee that one can’t refuse
  • More testimonials
  • More benefits
  • Use P.S to include additional benefits.
  • Optional, offer a few more bonuses to cinch the deal

As you will see, we have lots of material to cover. However, it is paramount that you understand the creation of a dynamic sales letter as this step alone can increase your sales by 1000% or more.

In next lessons we will cover Headline and powerful testimonial of the sales letter.

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