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Search Engine Optimization - Site Design Part 2 - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 13

SEO the #Adlandpro way
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Since you spent some time building your website using free web builder, let's talk about (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

I have to admit I have never spent any significant amount of time on learning all the details regarding SEO, so please just use this article as an introduction. Whenever I decided to learn something, I found out that one or two months later, my knowledge was already out of date. I have learnt some basics though and realized that if I make my site acceptable for humans, search engines will follow.

Search engines use many methods to index and rank websites, and they vary from one to another. Most are keyword-driven to a large extent, and some of the most important engines also draw relationships between keywords and the content of your website. For some, the number of links pointing to your website is also a factor as this can indicate site popularity.

Search engines will pick up keywords from the Meta tag on your web pages when they "spider" the web - either independently, or following the submission of your webpage URL to them.

Competition for keywords is intense, so you should choose your keywords carefully. However, make sure that your chosen keyword has value and it is searched frequently as there is little value in having the top ranking for an obscure keyword that is seldom searched.

Many newbie marketers make the mistake of submitting too frequently to search engines, often using every free submission service that they find. This can not only result in your webpage being banned for search engine spamming. Therefore, only submit periodically.

Of increasing importance is the relationship between your keywords and your webpage content. This measurement by search engines is called keyword density and it looks at how many times a keyword appears in your page’s content. This is not to say that simply repeating the keywords over and over will improve your ranking, in fact a density that is too high is likely to damage your chances.

A maximum density of 4-5% is recommended.

Gateway pages are also used by many marketing experts but be careful here. A gateway page simply focuses on a single keyword, using a single page of content that has a high density of the keyword in the content text. Again, don't overuse this because it could work against you.

Here are basic principles which you should follow to make your site search engine

  1. Use your keyword phrase prominently in your title tag. (This is the title of your page visible in the upper bar of your browser window)
  2.  Use your keywords in your Meta description and keyword tags.
  3. This is an example of Adlandpro tags which are placed at the top of the page and are not displayed by the browser to humans.

    META NAME="keywords" content="free, classifieds, adlandpro, advertising, hits, traffic, banner, online, business, opportunity, employment, mailing, promotion, submission, search, engine, job, affiliate, work, marketing, ads, followup autoresponders, traffic exchanges"

    <META NAME="description" content="Free Classifieds Advertising And Promotion">
  4.  Focus your keywords on only one concept for the entire page. Don’t try to cover every possible aspect of your site on one page. Create several pages and concentrate on different keyword phrases.
  5. Make sure that content on your site is well crafted for humans and update it regularly.
  6.  Establish links with sites related to your industry. Number of links coming to your site will affect your link popularity. Therefore, the more incoming links your site has, the higher you’ll be ranked. Your site will be ahead of other sites for the same keywords. You can test your site’s link popularity by visiting
  7.  Make sure that use following lines on the top of your page for compliance.
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.1 Transitional//EN">
    <META HTTP-EQUIV=content-type CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">

In my experience, chasing algorithms and trying to be ahead of search engines logic is a waste of time.
Instead concentrate on creating high quality content; obtaining link exchanges and you’ll have a great site with phenomenal rankings.

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Ken Wolff said...

Thank you Bogdan for sharing this valuable information. I am working with a few people that are just getting started with blogging and websites. I will share a link to this article with them. Yes this is just an introduction as there is so much more in your other articles and by so many others that share valuable information in Adlandpro.

Unknown said...

Hello, in search of an easy and lasting opportunity to earn money online perspective is lost much of what you present on this blog. I will take my time to study the blog and you post.

Unknown said...

Excellent article, Bogdan. These steps are of utmost importance and must not be left out of proper website building.