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Color, fonts, pictures, newsletter, voice, order button - Your sales letter- E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 19

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One of our participants in the past has sent this letter to me. 

Lots of improvement in my web site since utilizing the techniques in E-Business Success Blueprint. My Alexa ranking has improved dramatically from 3,490,000 down to 650,718. I achieved a # 1 search ranking on Yahoo (keyword free advertisement) and my custom Adland page is at # 5. I have over 300 new members and several downloads of my free ebook. All of this in one week! 

Thanks for your help! 

Looking forward to your return,  Sam 

Today I would like to continue with our sales letter and provide other pieces of the page which help with conversion of your visitors to the customers. 

Color of Your Background 

By applying appropriate colors you can raise your sales by up to 30%. The most effective color is dark blue (associated with business image), then comes grey, black and white. 

Fonts and Fonts Colors 

To increase your conversion, add red color to your headings and subheadings. Use yellow highlights if you want to increase importance of that piece of your sales letter. Use bolding to emphasize and don’t use italics. Italics make text hard to read. Since most people won’t read your sales copy in its entirety make sure that most important things stand out. 

Placement of the information on the page 

The most important information should be placed on the left upper part of the page to correlate with how our brain processes information. Therefore, you should always put pictures of people, animals or kids where you want to draw attention. 

Pictures of your products 

Share your story
Share your story

If your product can be represented through a picture, definitely use it. As you know, a good picture is worth more than a thousands words. Always make sure that your pictures are optimized so your visitors don’t have to wait excessively for your pages to load. Also, don’t place large pictures on your listing products page. Instead create links to another page where you can show an enlarged picture that contains more detailed descriptions about the product. This can also be referred to as a Master/Detail Page. In addition, don’t place too many products on one page. Instead, use several pages so that they can load faster. Since humans are visual, pictures can increase your customer’s retention rates by up to 50%,, the time spent on your site by 300% and signups for newsletters, etc by 200% or more. 


When you add statements to your sales letter that you have a limited number of items in stock or that there is a deadline to purchase the product for the price, you create a sense of urgency and your customer will feel a need to purchase it right now. However, as previously mentioned, you must follow through with this urgent offer. Therefore, if you say that an item will only be available for 7 days and it is actually available for 700 days, you’ll lose credibility.

Add Pop –up windows to your site 

As annoying as they can be, pop-ups can be an effective way to advertise. Usually pop-up windows are associated with annoying ads which have nothing to do with the site that you’re currently visiting. However, properly used pop up windows can increase your conversion rates tremendously. One popular way to use pop-ups is to use them to get subscribers to your mailing list. Simply use them as a method to get members to sign up for your free newsletters. They likely won’t be annoyed with this because they are in essence, receiving a benefit, great information. Another option is to use pop-ups when your visitors leave your site. To do this, you can include them as a last attempt effort to encourage them to purchase your product or perhaps join your newsletter.


About 90% of your visitors will never buy the first time they visit your site. Therefore, if you don’t make a sincere effort to get their contact info, you are probably losing these visitors forever. This is unacceptable. Therefore, you do your best and establish a long term relationship with every visitor that visits your site. Use incentives if you have to but get them to sign up for your newsletter. Once they do, you can contact them periodically (biweekly or monthly) and give them some great discounts or special offers. By simply saying that you have some kind of product might be enough to move them to action. If it isn’t, then you’ll have to keep at them. In fact, researchers have shown that it typically takes over 7 times of your customers seeing your name to become familiar with it. Therefore, after seven mailings, your customers will consider you as a company they are familiar with and will be more inclined to buy from you. 

In the past, newsletter was the lifeblood of my business. I blindly followed the suggestions of numerous marketing gurus and cleverly started my own newsletter which I’ve called Adland Digest. This publication was appreciated by my subscribers and acknowledges as one of the best newsletter on the net. I prided myself on including current and creative marketing information that enticed and informed them. At the time, I didn’t have slightest idea about marketing on the internet but I did my best and I learned a lot. I even created space for live discussions where some subscribers just answered the questions posed by others. Today Adland Digest is still growing strong. Feel free to check it out here at  

Add voice to your website 

By simply adding a friendly voice greeting to your website, you can increase your sales by 437 %. This increases your sites credibility and makes their visit much more personal. If you can add your face where the voice is streamed, this will increase your conversions even more.

Order button 

If you are utilize long and effective sales letter (and I do hope that you are), you must make sure that you include Order Now buttons several times on the page. If you visitor is ready to order while they are in the middle of your page, just let them buy by placing your Order now button right in the middle so they don’t have to scroll to the bottom and look for it. 

Make your button is red so that it stands out. This will definitely increase conversion rates. Don’t use links in the text as this will likely confuse your customer and distract them. Instead, make sure that once your visitor is presented with the sales page, they have no option to leave that page other than to purchase your product. In fact, you may wish to create separate pages for different services and products and guide your visitor to the buy button with no interruptions. 

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