Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Social Influence – Do You Have Any?

The fact is when you influence a person you will have an effect on their opinions, their attitudes and even their behaviors.
While many people will teach you about marketing metrics in terms of such things as CAC( customer acquisition costs). CPL ( cost per lead) or even CTR (click through rate) when it comes to social influence – ROI ( Return on Influence) as well as ROE (return on engagement  the waters sure can get very muddy and many people just don’t get it! What is worse they don’t even understand why they need to do this.
Before going any further you need to answer a question. What kind of social media user are you?
If you are the person who is only interested in how many people are in your circles, the huge twitter followers or Facebook fans then I can say with all honesty that  understanding influence and engagement is not for you!

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