Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...
English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada and Happy Columbus day to those in the United states.

While the turkey is in the oven and the pumpkin pies are are ready to eat, I was thinking about what thanksgiving means to me both as a person and as a person who works online.
I have been given a battery of tests as my health has not been the best over the last few months and was given the news by my doctor ( I gave him a hug by the way which totally astounded the man and had him going red ha ha ha) that while physically my health is good, I need to destress myself more as it is affecting my health and not for the best!
When we work online for any reason, its easy to fall into the trap of just staying online and forgetting about the world outside of the screen and it can affect us in ways that we are not even aware of!

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