Monday, June 13, 2005

Can you see how lucky you are?

Years ago there was a brutal flood, and a young man, hoping to survive the storm, goes upstairs in his house and heads to the window ... Just then, the rescue boats rush in, braving the flood waters to come to his aid. One of rescuers yells up to the man and says "Jump in our boat, we are here to save you! Come with us now or you will drown!" The looks down at the rescuers in the boat and says ... "It's OK, Please go help someone else. God will save me." The man then exits his window and goes to up on to his roof to get closer to the one he believes will save him from the storm. A few minutes later, with the waters now rushing down his sunken street, the rescue boat comes back. The boat is full of survivors who have been saved from the storm, and along with the rescuers, they all yell in a panic ... "Please! Get in! Come with us and save yourself!" Confidently, the man says ... "No, I will not come with you. I am sure that God will not let me down. He WILL save me." With the waters rising, and his roof starting to get heavy with rain, the man climbs to the highest point he can, the top of his chimney. Another few minutes pass, and with the heavy flood waters starting to wobble his chimney, a helicopter weaves through the powerful wind and approaches the man. Hovering over the man on his chimney, the helicopter door opens. A courageous rescuer readies the basket and commands the man ... The rescuer yells, "GET IN THE BASKET!! We are not coming back! This is your last chance to get out alive. Get in now or you WILL drown!" Again, the man replies ... "No! I told the men in the boat, God will not let me down. He WILL save me!" Just as the rescuer in the helicopter starts down the line to save the man, the chimney gives way ... The man is washed away in the raging flood. He drown, and the man died ... Moments later, in Heaven, the man sees God for the first time and he asks him ... "I'm not sure I should be questioning you, but with all my faith, why did you let me down and not come to my aid in the flood?" Without pause, God replies ... "My Son, I sent you a rescue boat on two occassions. I also sent a helicopter and several very heroic men to try to save you. Unfortunately, you were so blinded by your expectance that you let your path to rescue escape right before your very eyes. I tried my son, I truly did. I did all that I can to show you the path, but I could not force you to take it." Unknown

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