Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is Adlandpro?

Adlandpro, run by Canadian entrepreneur and CEO Bogdan Fiedur, is a social network that offers free traffic to Internet entrepreneurs and affiliates through a free ad posting service. Bogdan Fiedur, a computer programmer turned startup CEO, created Adlandpro to serve as a community for people interested in online advertising, Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. Adlandpro has provided expert guidance to both new and experienced Internet marketers for 13 years.
Social Network Advertising Experiences Competition from Free Ad Community like Adlandpro
As of 2011, $1.42 billion was spent on US social network advertising; $1.52 billion is expected to be spent in 2012 alone. This amount is projected to increase to $1.64 billion as of 2013. Yet social network ad spend is on the decline compared to total online ad spend, dropping from 4.4% in 2007 to 4.1% in 2012. Social network ad spend is expected to fall to 3.9% by 2013.
Although roughly two thirds of adults in the US regularly use social media, an equal amount of social media users in both the US and Britain prefer not to be targeted by large companies on primary social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.
For many small e-commerce business owners and affiliate marketers, this has cut into their income significantly. For Internet marketers that have spent money on social media advertising, the return is not always worth the initial investment.
While social networks may have once been an ideal place to advertise several years ago when social media marketing was booming, today affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs must reassess their advertising tactics.
For this reason, free ad programs that offer free traffic sources, like Adlandpro, are becoming more popular. Adlandpro has been established longer than popular social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Adlandpro attracts members through an exclusive social community that offers advanced privacy protection to all users.
After joining, Adlandpro members have the opportunity to post free advertisements within the social network and even become verified affiliates in order to earn passive income. Adlandpro affiliates can earn monthly revenue from autoresponder subscribers, surf exchange credit purchases, premium classified ad purchases, premium member purchases, and banner ad purchases.
According to one satisfied community member and Adlandpro affiliate, “I first signed up as an Adland Affiliate back in August, 1998 and since that time your excellent proactive website has sent more targeted traffic to my site than any other, with the exception of perhaps the top 6 search engines on which I am listed.”

Beginner Advertisers Welcome
Adlandpro has tailored their social community to cater to both beginner and advanced online advertisers. Upon signing up for a free membership, Adlandpro members will receive a free tutorial in how to write a compelling advertisement using ethical tactics to generate both traffic and income.
Those who are new to Internet marketing can join Adlandpro free of charge without any intimidation in order to learn the basics of free online advertising. Adlandpro provides extensive step-by-step tutorials to all members who have signed up for the free program.

Advanced Advertising Capabilities
Larger businesses can use the free ad program designed by CEO Bogdan Fiedur to test and track ad campaigns before backing them with large ad spend. If a business has used the Adlandpro free ads successfully and wishes to scale their ad campaign, they can take advantage of Adlandpro Premium Services.
Adlandpro Premium Services provide several different methods to promote online ad campaigns using renewable ads, search engine submissions, banner impressions, and traffic exchange.
According to one Adlandpro member, “We have advertised with MANY companies including:  Yahoo, Excite, PcWorld, Cgi-Resources, TheGlobe, etc..  And we have been much more pleased with your service/support than we have been with any of these giants of the net.  Your personal touch and quick responses are wonderful and we’re having a great time advertising with you and AdLandPro.”
Another Adlandpro community member verifies, “Adlandpro has been a successful advertising medium for me, and I’ve spent more in other advertising with very poor if any results.”
For both individual entrepreneurs and large businesses, Adlandpro provides a means to successfully advertise at little to no cost compared to larger online advertising mediums.

Adlandpro Traffic and Statistics
Adlandpro has a three month global Alexa traffic ranking of 7,549. Since Adlandpro was launched by Bogdan Fiedur 13 years ago, it has earned a five-star Alexa review rating. Alexa users confirm that Adlandpro is a user-friendly, active community with quality content and reliable customer support.
Adlandpro member John Sanchez states in his Alexa review, “I’ve been a member of AdlandPro since March of 2005 and I must say that AdlandPro is the best community on the Internet. I belong to several communities on the Net and none come close to it. AdlandPro has the friendliest people on the Net. There quite of few people there that are experts in Network Marketing and they offer their services for free. The CEO of the AdlandPro, Bogdan Fiedur, has made it possible for us members to advertise our businesses for free in several ways. So if you have a business you want to advertise or you just want to meet nice people come to AdlandPro!”
Adlandpro community members can take advantage of free advertising on classified and community pages, as well as free traffic exchange ads that target 120,000 users. Members will receive free business leads through the Adlandpro community network and a free subscription to the Adland Digest Newsletter.
Adlandpro affiliates can earn up to $10,000 per month through the verified affiliate program. According to one Adlandpro affiliate, “I was worried about spending for the cost of that ad, but it was a much better price than I had expected for the amount of traffic that comes in! I earn $30 per sale of the service I’m advertising, and I made back the cost almost immediately! I have tracking for my site and every day AdlandPro showed up consistently as the place where people clicked! It brought in 50% of my traffic! I post a great deal of ads on Yahoo and send to dozens of opt-in lists every day and post to bulletin boards, even with all of that, the AdlandPro button-ad attracted 50% of my hits!”
Adlandpro community members can access free classified advertising, networking, marketing, promotion, and earning opportunities. Adlandpro was designed based on the vision of CEO Bogdan Fiedur, who lives by the motto, “Whatever you do, do it with passion.” Bogdan Fiedur has passionately committed himself for more than a decade to providing both free and inexpensive online advertising solutions to all members within the Adlandpro community.
For free advertising and free traffic opportunities, you can visit Adlandpro directly at to join the community at no charge. You can also call 1-866-254-7228 toll-free in the US and Canada for further information.

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