Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Image Power

What about classified advertising? When go to a classified ad site like Adlandpro.com to look for a blender, what catches your eye first thing when you get to that section? Is it a print ad that says, Blender for Sale, or is it a photo of the blender? That’s right. The photo got you, first.
The fact is, photo ads on classified ad sites are an excellent example of image power. People who go to classified ad sites with images often buy things they didn’t set out to buy because of image power. They go looking for a horse and see an image of a saddle. The next thing you know, they’re buying the saddle!
Billboards along the highways have long been a favoured way for companies to advertise. They are big, they are bright, they have large graphics on them and minimal print. Not only is it necessary to keep print to a minimum when cars are roaring along the highway at high speed; it is more likely that their attention will be grabbed and they will remember an image than a lot of print. That’s image power!

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