Thursday, February 28, 2013

Can you afford $7.38 to receive 734 visitors through pay per click advertising?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

734 visitors for $7.38 (10,467,219 views)

Adlandpro Pay per click advertising

As you know getting customers to the site is only half of the battle.
The customer has to be willing to buy whatever you offer them.

You have to convince the customer that your product or service
is exactly what they need, and they need it now.

Sometimes even 10 minutes later might be too late, if they have
the chance to discuss it with someone who will plant seeds of
doubts in their minds.

I'm sure you are familiar with Pay per Click advertising.
I want to let you know that we have this kind of system,
which successfully delivers customers to our advertisers for years.

You might be also aware that for example Google Adwords,
the most known PPC advertising system around, is quite expensive
to use these days.

You can't find any reasonable keywords for less than $0.50 and
in some competitive areas even $2 or $20 is not enough to show
in the searches.

Here is my offer to you. Our system is not as popular as Google
Adwords, so our bids are much less competitive.
You can start advertising starting from $0.01.

Remember that a click is a click regardless of where the person
is clicking from, and you only pay if someone clicks.

Also our system is not incentivized like Google Adwords is
where publishers make money based on amount of clicks.

On our site, nobody gets paid for clicking on your ads.
Only interested visitors will click on it.

Heck, for this price you could just run a survey and ask your
customers if what you offer is of any interests to them.

By the way, instead of selling directly, try to get as much information about your visitors first, and then be more targeted.

I call it shooting ducks in the barrel.

So, happy advertising. The Link to order the PPC credits is here:

Bogdan Fiedur

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