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Design/Plan Your Entire Year - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 1

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Hello again,

I hope you had written down all accomplishments and not-so-good accomplishments in your four areas of success during previous year. Spiritual, Relationship, Health and Business.

Remember all those areas will contribute to your success. If you are feeling like some of those areas have been neglected more than others, this next assignment will be about improving it. I know that many of you would like to dive into business world as this is one of the reasons you are reading it, but believe me taking time and designing your life with all its aspects is much more important than accomplishing just business goals.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln

      The next assignment is to design your next year in all 4 areas. You already know what worked for you last year and what didn't. Now write down all you want to do in next year in your four areas. Once you created list of general plans for a year, decide which of those steps you will complete in first 6 months of this year.

       Once you are finished with this, right down your first 3 months of this year. When this is completed, write down your first month's plans for this year. Be truthful to yourself and realistic. Don't write down things which may be very ambitious but hardly doable. You will be only disappointed if you don't get close enough to what you want. E.g if your current salary is $40,000 a year. Don't plan to make $400,000 by the end of this year. If your goal will be $60,000 this is 30% increase which every successful business would consider as very solid accomplishment. Also be very specific.

        The more specific you are the more likely you will be able to accomplish what you want. The important part of this process is to write down all your plans. 8 years ago I have read a book by Brian Tracy where he told me to write down my goals. Guess what, they all happened. He teaches that there was an experiment done at Harvard University where students were told to write their goals. Bear with me as I take those numbers from memory, but this will give you a general idea. It turned out that only around 3% of them wrote their goals. 10 years later those students were contacted and interviewed. All students who were in these 3% were making income at least 5 times higher than any student out of 97% remaining percent. 1% of the students out of the 3% group was making 10 times more than anybody else.

      When you write down things, you are making it official. You also have to concentrate on things which you want to right down and then you start seeing them better. This acts like brainstorming session where you are the only one who participates. In addition things which are written down make you accountable. You know that this goals are written down somewhere and when you read it next year, you don't want to disappoint yourself.

      In addition your subconscious mind is registering this and does work for you, much like with driving a car. Notice that sometimes when you drive, you don't even remember what happened while you were driving. Your subconscious took care of your driving. Isn't this wonderful? So now, if you want that things happen to you, write them down.

For example my just high level plans in four areas for this year are.


  • Meditate each day for at least 20-30 minutes 
  • Read one fiction/entertainment book each month
  • Go to the movies/opera/museum once a month
  • Read one biography each month


  • Go out with my wife twice a month 
  • Go to the park/walk with the entire family each Sunday 
  • Visit friends at least once a month 
  • Talk to family in Poland at least once a month

  • Keep my weight goal
  • Go to the gym at least 2-3 a week
  • Run at least 2 times a week
  • Take my vitamins 
  • Look for partners and  like minded people 
  • Get into social network world and use it to grow my business
  • Run at least one promotion each month
  • Run or participate in at least one seminar 
  • Make my business available for mobile market
So as you see these are very high level goals which I'm then breaking down into more specific goals in the 6, 3 and then one 1-month scale. On top of this I have daily goals which I make day before. Again, if you want things happen for you, write them down. What doesn't get written down, won't happen.
It is now important that I get your feedback here and you give me your high level goals of yours for the next year.

The next step soon.

Bogdan Fiedur

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