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E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Introduction (Can your last year's failure be this year's success?)

 Some years ago I have offered workshop on successful business creation for limited group of members. I've been in online business since 1998 and I can easily admit that I have failed as many times as I have succeeded. Probably I failed more times than succeeded but it doesn't feel that way if you have something you can enjoy. There were numerous ideas which never took off even after considerable effort and time invested and there were ideas which with little initial investment worked and were quickly embraced. During the period since 1998 till now (Feb 2013) (this is 14 years) various technologies have changed and  many new concepts were created in order to reach customers and to reach the appropriate group in most efficient way with least cost and time. What didn't change is the psychology of humans and principle of motivation and bases of person success.

The course which I have offered addressed both issues. Technology and psychology of an individual and psychology of the crowd. In oder to use technology in most efficient way, one has to understand basic principles of human behavior. The best technology won't be helpful if we don't know where to apply it.

In addition understanding of the psychology of business success is need for the person who is embarking on the path of success. To succeed one needs to have desire to succeed and this is all which matters at the beginning. The one has to decide on some basic goals, write them down and stick to it. Read them daily and enhance them along the path.

Later on, one can refine the goals and even adjust them, but this is when new knowledge and experience is already available after many stumbling blocks.

To sum it up, one has to start doing something and the easiest is to first write it down and then start executing it according to some schedule.

So lest go to introduction of my E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop.

Can your last year's failure be this year's success?

Part of planning and setting goals is a retrospective look back to analyze what in our lives didn't go the way we wanted in the past. Consider what went good as expected, what went better than expected and what went totally wrong. When we talk about business goals we tend to forget about our other areas of our lives, like health, relationship and our spiritual world.

For today's assignment let’s analyze our last year and put it into perspective. The purpose of this is not to criticize our bad moves or get overly excited about our successes. This exercise will help us determine what contributed to our success and what contributed to our failure so we can use this information in coming year.

When you analyze this, think about these four major areas of your life. Mental, Relationship, Health and Financial. All these above areas have to be balanced. If any of them receives less of your attention, your life won't be a total success. If even one of the areas is neglected, you won't be able to enjoy your 3 remaining areas. Quite often, the most neglected areas are health and relationship. We tend to leave those for the last and most of the time we are too tired to take care of them. Think how you fared in all four areas.

Mental -- Have you spent enough time reading light books and inspirational material? Have you relaxed as often as you should? Have you gone to places where you can rest uninterrupted and reflect on your life? Have you gone to church (if you are religious) as much as you wanted to?

Relationship --Have you spent enough time with your spouse, mate, parents and kids. Did you go to the movies together? How often have you told your loved ones that you love them? How often have you told your loved ones about what you love in them? Have you spent enough time with your friends? How many friends do you have? If you can't think of any friends, or there are just a few, this is troubling area.

Health -- Have you exercised regularly? Are you eating healthy and avoiding foods which make you sick? Are you overweight or out of shape? What have you done to improve your health problems?

Financial -- Have you made as much money as you wanted? Have you spent enough time to learn skills or knowledge which would give you an edge over your coworkers and competition. Have you created partnerships and joint ventures to increase your business? Once you go over those points, this will be around 50% or more work done for your next year's goals. The most important part is to ask the correct questions. If you can ask the question, there will be an answer. You might not like the answer but this is what you need to make your life more balanced and fulfilling in this coming year. If you skip this section of our mentoring process, this is like skipping the foundation of your building. You can proceed with building of the house but it will tumble down probably one day or you even won't start it as because the foundation will be missing and there won't be enough motivation to continue. Get your thoughts flowing and this will be an eye opener for you.

You will be surprised. 

Next lesson....

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