Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ask for the Referral!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like to get maximum bank for my efforts, which means I would rather get paid a lot more than minimum wage for my work.  But if all I go for is lots and lots of traffic, I’m going to do a whole lot of work that I’m not getting paid for.  Trust me;  it can take a MASSIVE amount of un-targeted traffic to get one sale.
Even when you work to get targeted traffic to your sales page, you can spend way more time than you need to getting that traffic.  Just because your traffic is targeted does not mean you’re going to get a lot of sales.  Targeted traffic from people who don’t know you is still going to be a hard sell.
I remember when I was selling insurance door-to-door.   I had a low cost accident policy that would actually cover loggers for accidents in the woods.  If you’ve ever checked out insurance, you would know how hard such a policy is to find.  So when I was selling in a logging town, it was a really great policy to be offering!  Most of my “traffic” was targeted!

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