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Headline and powerful testimonial - Your sales letter- E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 17

Adlandpro Bogdan Fiedur Newsletter Headline
Newsletter Headline
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According to study by Nielsen/NetRatings, a well-written headline can produce a 1,900% increase in your income. Therefore, the most crucial part of your sales page is the heading. This is because you only have several seconds to grab the attention of visitors to your site. A Headline should stress the biggest benefit of your product or service, possibly not found anywhere else. Your headline should create curiosity to compel one to keep reading information on your site (sales letter).

When creating your letter, always use the word “you”. This word is considered the most powerful word because it connects to the reader directly and provides a more personal tone. Some other powerful words that you should use are Guaranteed, Bargain, Proven, Revolutionary, New, Free, Easy, and How to.
Another option is to use some of these ideas (including, but not limited to):

Ways to….
Sure ways to…
Secret for…
No Fail strategies
Discovery to…
Ever hear..
Five simple ways..
How to avoid…
How to become…
How to handle…
Now revealed..
Seven terrific
The # 1 most effective
Amazing secrets..
The best kept
The crucial step…
New discovery
The proven formula…
Technique that …
Ten Commandments of…
Terrible truth…
Truth about…

What every such and such should know

In addition, your sub-headline should provide more information and strengthen your strong main headline message. As an added bonus, you can also add more descriptive information.

Powerful Testimonial

Adlandpro Bogdan Fiedur Testimonial
Powerful testimonial
Strong testimonials lend credibility and can increase your conversion by 250%. The web is an anonymous place and excellent tools for many scammers, thus having good testimonials on your site will help your visitors make the decision. Testimonials influence our behavior in remarkable ways and allow us to lower our guard. Each new testimonial takes away some of the natural objections we have towards the unknown product. They list the main benefits and well as positive experiences with other customers. If you can, add pictures and voice recordings to your testimonials.

This will further enforce confidence in your unique product or service offering.
For a testimonial to be effective, it must contain the following elements:

  • It is descriptive
  • Contains more than one or two word sentences
  • Contains solid numbers and facts
  • Talks about known benefits
  • Shows the customer’s full name, business, and url (if you have it)
  • Contains grammatical structure of the person who wrote it, even if it is incorrect.
  • Adding audio recording will build more confidence in your product.

Not sure how to get testimonials when you don’t have a functional site?

Give away a couple of products or free coupons for your future product and ask for a testimonial.

If you already have an offline business, you might ask some of your customers to provide you with testimonials. They may have never thought about giving you testimonials, but would be happy to provide it if you asked. Another option is to provide a link to their business if they give you a testimonial which will benefit them directly.

If you've established a positive relationship with customers from your mailing list, you can also announce your product and ask for a testimonial. Putting a great testimonial on your site which talks about your skills, integrity, and expertise are as great way to get new customers. In fact there are some marketers who will tell you that your sales letter could be just good testimonials.

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