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Your sales letter - E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 16

Sales Letter
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By now, you have a website with a script that captures the email addresses of your subscribers or you just used to analyze your market.

In any instance, you have collected some contacts and determined if there is a need for your products.

Depending on how far you have decided to utilize our free website builder, you might have already a page or two.
Your first task as a marketer will be to write a sales letter.

Yes, whether you like it or not, you will become a salesperson. Therefore, it is paramount that you create a sales letter that sizzles. This is because a sales letter is your ticket to success. It helps you sell products and services even when you’re not there. So, by making it worthy, you will in essence ensure that you get those products sold whether you’re there or not. Therefore, you will learn how to make your sales letter as compelling and enticing as possible so your visitors make an on-the-spot buying decision.

In our exercise we are assuming that you will be selling one product. If you are intending to sell more than one product, your option will be to write sales letter for each specific product. The principle is the same.

Now that we understand the importance of utilizing a “killer sales letter”, we’ll now discuss marketing and how it can be divided into several segments:

  • Provide convincing way to click “buy” button on your site. (write your killer sales copy or hire a copywriter to write it for you )
  • Tell others about your site
  • Bring visitors to your site using creative methods
  • Deliver the product
  • Follow up to make sure that your customers are satisfied
  • Up sell additional products to your customers

Each sales letter will include sales oriented copy and several  "Buy Now" buttons.

Here are the main elements of your sales letter in order of their appearance:

  • Headline and sub-headline
  • Powerful testimonials
  • Include all the reasons why anyone would purchase your product or service
  • Tell who you are and use “Social Proof” to establish credibility
  • Explain to the reader why you are doing what you are doing to gain their trust
  • More testimonials
  • Additional product or service benefits
  • Closing statement
  • More testimonials
  • Bonuses and freebie.
  • Give a guarantee that one can’t refuse
  • More testimonials
  • More benefits
  • Use P.S to include additional benefits.
  • Optional, offer a few more bonuses to cinch the deal

As you will see, we have lots of material to cover. However, it is paramount that you understand the creation of a dynamic sales letter as this step alone can increase your sales by 1000% or more.

In next lessons we will cover Headline and powerful testimonial of the sales letter.

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